Provigil vs Adderall

Provigil vs Adderall

Such popular medications for treatment sleep disorders as Provigil and Adderall are becoming more and more popular day after the day. Nowadays the market of pharmaceutics is fulfilled with similar and even simultaneous drugs with different names but the same stuffing that it’s getting hard to choose the one that meets all your requirements and has a good value for money. Today we’re going to talk about two similar but not the same drugs that were mentioned above.


     Provigil VS Adderall

    To make it easier and clear for perception I’ll compare the medications side-to-side, point-by-point. The comparison is generally based on numerous customer reviews of both drugs.

Many consumers consider Adderall to be highly addictive amphetamine-like drug that gives you enormous amount of energy, highly addictive though. Provigil doesn’t feel like something we can describe as a boom! However it keeps you awake and does it pretty good. You don’t feel like running all around the place like a caffeine junkie but instead you can have a good control over your moves and concentrate on whatever you need to do. So if you need to pump it up then your choice is Adderall, if you are going to work over the night and you need to perform some kind of persistent job that requires attention then Provigil is certainly what you were looking for. Still in case if you need, let’s call it that way, ‘controlled thermonuclear reaction’ instead of doomsday in a form of ‘nuclear winter’ then you should take a bigger dose of Provigil. Adderall is able to blow you away with bunch of crazy ideas hopping out of nowhere during a few hours but it’ll be hard to control that process while achieving the same but controllable effect is possible with, let’s say, 500mg dose of Provigil. In general these two medicines are alike. Both of them are designed for treatment of various kinds of sleep, mood and other kinds of disorders. Provigil is based on modafinil while Adderall contains amphetamine (actually there are four different kinds of amphetamine salts contained in the drug). Some people may experience no effect of modafinil because of some individual characteristic. Adderall due to amphetamines is irresistible and works for everyone but may lead to high addiction. Anyway, the choice is yours but you should think carefully between these two drugs.

    Provigil vs Adderall = Safety vs Risk.

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