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cognizin | Modafinil blog

    Cognizin (Citicoline, Ceraxon, Somazina and other brand names are used for the drug at different countries around the world) is a highly effective nootropic, which is widely used for treatment of various memory disorders including such as Alzheimer’s disease improving memory retention, improving individual’s ability to focus while working on a specific task, treating attention deficit disorder.


    Also the medication is widely used for treatment of head traumas, neurodegenerative diseases, and helps to overcome ischemic strokes consequences and recover. Numerous clinical researches carried out by independent pharmaceutical laboratories around the world also proved the drug’s efficiency in improvement of visual function of those patients struggling with glaucoma and amblyopia. Some people use Cognizin in order to get rid of excessive weight and they are rather successful in it because the medication stimulates certain brain sectors responsible for appetite, thus decreasing one’s need in food consumption. Through the mechanism of affecting the dopamine level the drug is able to help patients to overcome cocaine addiction. Recent clinical researches prove this statement, hoiever the actual results depend on individual characteristics of each patient taking the drug.
Cognizin and other citicoline-like drugs are used all over the world by thousands people for treatment of diseases and disorders described above and to improve the abilities of their memory and attention. The drug has almost no side effects. In some very few cases stomachache and diarrhea may appear. Clinically it was proved that up to 2000 mg of the drug per day leads to no side effects. However some specialists claim that people disposed to excessive dopamine secretion may possibly face some objectionable effects like depressive disorders. In case you are not fully sure about your drug-tolerance and effects you pursue then we recommend you to consult your doctor before using the medication.

    Cognizin (Citicoline) is available in a form of supplement so you are able to order it online or buy it in any pharmacy in your local area; no doctor’s prescription is needed. Surf through online pharmacies in order to get the best deal, additional discounts or bonuses on your medication. However, the fact that you’ve come to this page means that you’ve already found the best one.

    Citicoline or CDP-Choline, which is an abbreviation for cytidine diphosphate-choline, the name of the drug used in the field of pharmaceutics. Brand name: Cognizin.


It is a well-known and wide spread psychostimulant that is used for preventing of memory impairment caused by age or some specific disease and disorders. Recent Citicoline drug studies that took place in several independent pharmaceutical laboratories around the world discovered and proved its effectiveness in improving ability to focus on particular activities avoiding unwanted dissipation of attention and mental energy, which makes it a pretty good medication for treating attention deficit problems. Besides the mentioned features, Citicoline possesses some additional characteristics that are proved to be useful for treatment of strokes, neurodegenerative disease, and head traumas. Several researches were conducted in order to prove it’s positive effects in reduction of lesions caused by ischemic strokes, however some of the specialists who took part in the researches assert that effects described above were caused by placebo effect. What is more, Citicholine is used for improvement of vision function in individuals suffering from glaucoma, non-arteric ischaemic optic neuropathy, and amblyopia. In some cases the drug was used to alleviate cocaine addiction through affecting the dopamine hormone levels in organism.

The mechanism of action. Citicoline works affects organism in several ways at the same time starting with increasing the level of dopamine and synthesizing acetylcholine that leads to synthesizing of phosphatidylcholine. Actually, the process is rather difficult for comprehension, thus we won’t describe the full mechanism but will state the main conclusions. Citicholine increases the number of neurotransmitters that are necessary for the effects described in the first paragraph, and increases the flow of some additional components such as glucose and other.
Side effects. It is certainly a strong side of the drug because its toxicity profile is very low, which appears in almost none side effects in daily dosage up to 2000mg. Numerous clinical researches showed that the only side effects that are caused by the overdose of the drug are diarrhea and stomachache, and it is very unlikely to happen, so you are risking nothing taking the drug.